Products & Technology

iTrans offers the combination of mobility, cloud, analytical and market place solutions to customers, it develops specialized telematics solution which includes vehicle tracking, fleet management, satellite navigation, mobile data, wireless vehicle safety communication, auto insurance or usage based insurance and emergency warning system for vehicles..

iTrans also has 6 years of expertise in OBD hardware & firmware I.P devleopment which resulting in cost effective solution to Insurance companies.


Tcop Device

- Is a hardware device that has build in SIM

- It can plugged into OBD port of any Car

- It collects information periodically and throws to IOT platform on cloud

- It comes with different variants to support industry specific solutions


- Open architecture with core board and interface board approach

- Core board contains GSM module and IC and power circuitry


-developed based on Embedded

-Supports OTA updates in higher end models


- Interface related circuitry will be housed on a separate board

- Interface board wil house ICs for G PS, accelerometer. OBD etc.

Myintelligentcar Mobile application

- Mobile application built on popular platforms - i0S. Android and Windows

- Focus is to enrich consumer experience

- Key features include. Maps, Augmented Reality, Multi option select

Data on-demand

- Date stored in the cloud is displayed to end user on a on-demand basis

- Different categories included are location data - latest and route traveled


- Enable pushing instruction via SMS gateway/direct SMS to M2M device.

- Supports action commands such as on-demand vehicle Immobilization or Configuration changes from end user perspective

Push Notifications

- Helps in real-time alert notification of exception events

- Intent is to enable end user to take a note of exception and take action before

- Alerts are pushed from M2M device to Mobile phone using Cloud Messaging

Iot Platform

- Is an M2M server platform hosted on cloud

- Helps in collection. & persistence of data from M2M devices

- Supports real-time reporting for end users and enterprises

- Enables process data for developing Analytical solutions

- So far collected 4.5 Million Kilometers Analytics Engine

Data Storage & Processing

- Key feature is to support data collection from large quantity of M2M devices

- It will persist the data received in raw form or/and allow transformed form

- Subscription management will allow activation/de-activation and continuance of service from different m2m devices

Device Management

- Allows centralized management of large set of devices

- Enables Remote m2m device monitoring commands depending on the context

Reports & Interfaces

- Provides various reports on performance of lot platform and Exceptions conditions of M2M devices etc..

- Data can be sent periodically (daily/week IY/monthly) in industry standard formats to external third party systems

Analytics Engine

- Independent product hosted on M2M server platform

- Aim to capitalize on vast amount of real-time data and provide useful derived information to help make better business decision

Descriptive Analytics

- Represents aggregated factual informa tion collected over a period time in a graphical form of charts i.e. Scorecards

- Helps enterprise users to get a overall performance of a particular user/device

Predictive Analytics

- Apply various heuristic and analytical models on past data and determine trends, patterns which may not be visible in the regular reports

Inferential Analytics

- To derive conclusions that extend beyond the immediate data alone