Platform-As-Subscription& Pay-Per-Use

The soaring number of vehicles in wold, urban gridlock, polluted cities, and changing climate, the time is right for a transformational approach to personal transportation. Telematics and its application as the integrated use of telecommunications and informatics application in vehicles and with control of vehicles on the move. Telematics Solutions can be referred to as a combination of IT, instrumentation and advanced communication technologies aligned to assist efficient management of remote vehicles and drivers. iTrans believes that connecting vehicles internally and externally on a unified communications network platform can help abate many of the personal and societal costs of personal mobility. Telematics solutions is disruptive innovation it could turn out to be a technology that will revolutionize the entire automobile industry.Insurance Telematics and connectedcar solutions are potential game changer in automotive ecosystem the key solutions are Usage based insurance solutions,insurance telematics solutions,connected car solutions and marketplace solutions.

Vehicle Owners


Annual Data Fee

Re-defining usage based insurance on go, Mobility App will enable  owners monitor driving patterns and improve driving safety and usage

Fleet Companies



Enables fleet/leasing companies to monitor  vehicle usage,driving quality and behaviour reporting to reduce cost

Insurance Companies



Enables insurance companies to understand driving patterns and  personalize policy based on driving models and patterns

Ecosystem Partners



Enable partners to implement SDK and consume API to provide  value add services to their customers and car owners